News | November 8, 2018

API Fortress Brings Testers And Developers Together With Fully Integrated API Mocking

API Fortress introduces automatic conversion of API traffic into API mocks for significantly more efficient tester and developer collaboration

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ -- API Fortress has been the leader in end-to-end API testing and monitoring for continuous integration and deployment since 2016. Today, they released two major features to help QA teams and developers collaborate and debug APIs in agile and test-driven development (TDD) environments.

Currently, many companies experience a lag in deployments caused by the separation between testers and developers. Testers can't start writing API tests until developers have finished writing the APIs. API Fortress solves the lag problem with powerful mock creation, which allows testers and developers to work in parallel and accelerate the timeline of deployments.

Simone Pezzano, CTO at API Fortress, remarks:

"QA and developers have different skills and soft spots when it comes to test coverage. We help developers dig into the tiny details of implementations, while testers of all skill levels validate complete flows. With us, QA and development can use the same software and language."

New: Mock Recording and Request Logging

API Fortress allows QA and developers to automatically convert API traffic into API mocks and, if needed, customize the mocks for different behavior. The platform can record traffic from any mobile application, microservice, or website, and then use that recorded traffic can be to generate an API test.

Traffic recording can be created with any HTTP client, including the internal API Fortress client, Postman, Insomnia, or HTTPie.

Use cases include:

  • Enhanced Debugging and Test Creation: Log all requests to mocks to retrieve better insights about client/server communication and solve complex debugging faster. Generate API tests against mock request logs: simply log a request to automatically generate a test.
  • API Test Generation from Unavailable Services: Even if an app is still in an early development stage, or services are not available, APIs can be mocked for API tests.
  • Mock pay-per-use APIs during development: Some 3rd-party APIs have a cost associated with every call, such as Google Maps and Salesforce. Now teams can mock API services to allow for development without needless costs.
  • Service Isolation: Create mocks of multiple services, and then isolate a specific service from others to see if a failure comes from the isolated service.

SOURCE: API Fortress

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