News | May 24, 1999

Applied Microsystems Introduces CodeTEST Tools for Software Development Lifecycle

Applied Microsystems Corp. (AMC; Redmond, WA) introduced a suite of test and analysis tools that are used for the embedded software development cycle. AMC announced the addition of CodeTEST-Native and CodeTEST-SW-In-Ckt, two new versions of its CodeTEST software test and analysis tools based on instrumentation technology.

The CodeTEST family of software visibility products has common file formats for native, software and hardware test and analysis. Developers can reuse the same GUI, data file formats and automation scripts throughout the embedded software development process.

The tool suite is a member of AMC's new CodeOPTIX family of high-level software visibility tools for embedded systems. CodeTEST-Native can be used during workstation-based development stages. CodeTEST-SW-In-Ckt can be used once a software target becomes available to conduct early run-time analysis and is available for work done in conjunction with several popular embedded real-time operating systems. The existing CodeTEST-HW-In-Ckt tools are used during the final hardware stage to conduct thorough software tests running in real-time on real target hardware.

CodeTEST-Native provides software-only solutions for the desktop environment when embedded hardware is not yet ready. Once the first embedded hardware is available, CodeTEST-SW-In-Ckt utilizes the instrumentation completed at the native phase and introduces run-time accuracy to embedded software test.

CodeTEST consists of six software modules including Trace, Memory Analysis, Performance Analysis, Statement Coverage, Decision Coverage (DC) and Modified Condition Decision Coverage (MCDC). A software instrumenter prepares the user's program for in-circuit verification. The utility reads program source files and inserts test point instructions into the code.

CodeTEST-SW-In-Ckt is a software version of CodeTEST that runs in the user's embedded circuit. The measurements for test and analysis are collected, computed, tabulated and communicated to the host tools from a software agent resident on the target circuitry.

CodeTEST-Native is a version of the product that can run stand-alone on a desktop workstation without the assistance of either target embedded circuitry or external hardware probes. It too supports modules for software trace, memory analysis, statement coverage, decision coverage and MCDC.

CodeTEST-SW-In-Ckt pricing begins at U.S. $4,000 for the Trace, Memory, or Statement Coverage module, $7,000 for the Decision Coverage module, and $20,000 for the Modified Condition Decision Coverage (MCDC) module. All versions are available now, for both Windows and Unix workstations.

CodeTEST-Native is available in June 1999 for Sun/Solaris. Pricing in the U.S. starts at $2,500 for the Trace, Memory, or Statement Coverage modules. Pricing for the Decision Coverage module begins at $7,000 and pricing for the MCDC module starts at $20,000. CodeTEST-Native for Windows is scheduled to be available in September.

Applied Microsystems P.O. Box 97002, Redmond, Wash. 98073-9702. Phone: 800-426-3925.