News | March 12, 2018

Bristol Instruments Introduces New WDM Wavelength Meter That Combines High Accuracy And Fast Measurement

Bristol Instruments, Inc., a leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation, announces the introduction of the new 828A Optical Wavelength Meter. This latest model utilizes a unique Fizeau etalon design to measure the absolute wavelength of CW and modulated optical signals to an accuracy as high as ± 0.3 pm, while also providing the fastest measurement rate available.

The 828A has a sustained measurement rate as high as 1 kHz, which allows test times to be reduced from hours to minutes. The speed of the system also provides a time resolution as short as 1 ms, resulting in more detailed wavelength characterization of components such as tunable WDM lasers. Consistent performance of the system is maintained over long periods of time by calibrating to a built-in wavelength standard. Operation is straightforward and a convenient touch-screen display reports measurement data in a variety of formats.

“We strive to provide our customers with precision instruments for WDM testing that greatly improves the efficiency of their manufacturing processes.” said Dr. Brian Samoriski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Bristol Instruments. “With the unmatched speed and highest accuracy of the new model 828A, we can help them achieve this result."

SOURCE: Bristol Instruments, Inc.