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Canadian Siborg Systems To Present Latest Measurement Techniques And LCR-Reader Multimeter Models At AutoTestCon In Maryland, USA

Siborg will present a talk on offset elimination techniques and showcase its latest LCR-R2 and award winning LCR-Reader-MPAs including the Bluetooth models

Waterloo, ON /PRNewswire/ - AUTOTESTCON is the world's premier conference that was around for more than 60 years. It is an international forum that brings together specialists from test industry in aerospace and military as well as military and government acquirers and users to discuss innovative applications, share new technologies, and exhibit products and services. It is sponsored by IEEE and will be held in National Harbor, MD, August 29 to September 1, 2022.

Michael Obrecht of Siborg will give a talk "Offset Elimination Technique for Small Inductance Measurements Using Two-Wire Connection" demonstrating how accuracy can be improved by simple calibration of the measurement fixture. Siborg will also showcase the complete line of their products including new devices such as the latest arrival LCR-Reader-R2 with 250 kHz test frequency as well as accessories: Kelvin probe connector and calibration boards.

Siborg Systems Inc has been offering test equipment to the world's electronics industry since they initiated the Smart Tweezers project in the early 2000's. Smart Tweezers LCR-meter was the world's first tweezer meter. In 2013, they launched the LCR-Reader line of budget LCR-meters. The device uses a lightweight high precision multimeter with tweezers as probes and display. By grasping a component between the tweezer tips, the device will determine the type of component and best test parameters are set for high accuracy measurements.

The first LCR-Reader device LCR-Reader-R1offers a 0.5% basic accuracy with a price tag under $200, but only measures LCR and ESR values. Since the launch of the LCR-Reader brand, Siborg has expanded its product line to include the Colibri, LCR-Reader-MP, LCR-Reader-MPA and LCR-Reader-MPA BT with Bluetooth connection. Siborg is adding to the family with the 2022 summer launch of LCR-Reader-R2 which includes a 250 kHz test frequency, allowing for better accuracy while testing small inductances and capacitances.

The LCR-Reader digital multimeter family from Siborg Systems Inc. was first introduced in 2014 with the LCR-Reader device. In 2020 LCR-Reader-MPA was released and it received the Product of the Year 2020 Award from Plant Engineering Magazine. The family of multimeters provides easy-to-use component testers with fully automatic and high accuracy measurements. The family has expanded to include three other devices, including the new LCR-Reader R2 with 250 kHz test frequency.

Siborg has recently been showing their devices at a series of trade shows starting with Del Mar Electronics and Manufacturing Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego California on May 4-5. From May 10th to 13th, 2022, Siborg was showing at EDS Electronic Distribution Show leadership summit which brings together the movers, shakers and brightest minds of electronic component manufacturers, distributors and representatives. Finally, Siborg was in Ottawa, Canada from May 16-19th for the International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, the leading conference of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society and is dedicated to advances in measurement methodologies, measurement systems, instrumentation and sensors in all areas of science and technology.

Since introduction of the LCR-Reader line of products, Siborg has released five models. The flagship LCR-Reader-MPA, the Product of the Year 2020 prize winner, LCR-Reader-MPA BT with Bluetooth connection. The budget LCR-Reader-R1 with the basic functionality, the newest device LCR-Reader-R2 based on the MPA offers 250 kHz test frequency and Analog Signature Analysis. This model has a 0.1% basic accuracy and dual signal source resistance of 100/1400 Ohms.

Siborg Systems Inc. is a private Canadian company that specializes in the engineering software and hardware tools for semiconductor and electronics industry since 1994.

Source: Siborg Systems Inc

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