News | June 1, 1999

Cerent and Optical Networks Announce Interoperability Between Advanced SONET and Optical Networking Platforms

Cerent Corp. and Optical Networks, Inc. announced that they have successfully tested interoperability between the Cerent 454, the first optical transport platform, and Optical Networks' metropolitan optical transport platform, the Dynamic Transport System (DTS).

This testing highlights the benefits of direct connection of Cerent and Optical Networks' equipment in next-generation optical solutions. This architecture appeals to service providers because it allows them to cost-effectively aggregate traditional DS1 and DS3 SONET traffic, as well as data-centric services, like Gigabit Ethernet and video onto a single optical fiber. Such optical solutions enable large amounts of network traffic to be easily routed and managed in the optical domain, greatly reducing deployment costs and simplifying network operations.

The interoperability testing was accomplished by operating the Cerent and Optical Networks' equipment in a configuration typical of that encountered in many service provider networks. The Cerent 454 was equipped as a SONET ring operating at an OC-48 line rate and directly delivering services, including DS1 and Gigabit Ethernet. This SONET traffic was transported error-free across the optical backbone composed of the Dynamic Transport Systems equipped in a ring configuration.

The Cerent traffic was mapped onto a single wavelength, sharing the fiber with other channels carrying assorted data traffic on other wavelengths. A variety of network failure scenarios were simulated to ensure seamless interworking of optical layer and SONET service protection mechanisms.

Interoperability means that service providers now have an effective means of handling both next-generation SONET requirements and migrating to an optical network infrastructure. Optical Networks and Cerent will demonstrate this interoperability in a live network simulation at the SUPERCOMM '99 Telecommunications Conference and Exhibition, June 8-10, in Booth No. 7773 at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta.