News | August 24, 2009

Corry Micronics Adds Housing Machining, Assembly, And Testing Services


Corry, PA -- Corry Micronics announces the introduction of its RF housing machining, assembly and testing services.

Bob Meilleur, Vice-President of Operations stated that "these value added service offerings are a result of listening to our customers needs. Our solder-in filter customers had to disrupt their printed circuit board assembly lines because their housings had different reflow temperatures and belt speeds in order to solder in the filters. Several years ago, we started our value added services by soldering our filters into the customer supplied machined housings but we now offer a turn-key operation."

The turn-key program includes machining and plating the housing, soldering the filters, hermetic seal and life testing services, electrical and mechanical qualification. Corry has developed a unique gold plating and soldering process that outperforms conventional techniques. The company worked with several of its microwave customers to solve their sealing problems. A huge benefit for customers is they can achieve 100% yields on the housings and filters resulting in higher profit margins.

After the filters are installed into the housings, the company also offers product performance testing services. These services include temperature cycling, gross and fine leak testing, and capacitance and voltage break down testing.

Corry will be exhibiting its products and services during European Microwave Week at booth #915 September 28th – October 2nd, in Rome, Italy.

Click here to download the product overview for Corry's Housing Machining, Assembly, And Testing Services.

SOURCE: Corry Micronics, Inc.