News | January 29, 2009

Dow-Key Microwave Announces LAN eXtensions For Instrumentation (LXI) Certified Switching Systems

Source: Dow-Key Microwave Corp.
Dow-Key Microwave Announces LAN eXtensions For Instrumentation (LXI) Certified Switching Systems

Ventura, CA - Dow-Key Microwave Corp., a Dover Corporate owned company, has brought its switch matrix product line to the next level by offering LXI certified switching systems. LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) is the next generation emerging instrument control standard based on local area network (LAN) and Ethernet technologies, where Dow-Key now offers such remote control interface.

LXI Switching System

An Dow-Key Microwave LXI switching systems, referred to as an LNET system, allows the user to control the system via a standardized LAN (IEEE-802.3) interface that provides a framework for web based interfacing and programmatic control. As a Class C LXI certified company, Dow-Key allows through the use of LabView and IVI drivers to remotely control and command the matrix system.

IVI Driver Information
Category: IVI-C
IVI Driver Revision: 1.0
IVI Driver Identification: DK0001
Driver Vendor: DowKey Microwave

LXI units are unique in the sense that the units are not accessible locally and that the switches are mounted on the front panel instead of on the rear panel. The advantages is it allows the user easily to connect/or disconnect the DUT from the switching matrix to test the next DUT. In addition, Ethernet and RS-232 ports are provided on the rear-panel.

Dow-Key Microwave offers broadband matrix solution with frequencies stretching from DC to 40 GHz (and switches stretching up to 70 GHz). Any desired configuration is supported - you name it - blocking, crossbar, fan-out, fan-in, or any hybrid configuration. With customized solutions as their specialty and years of system experience, Dow-Key Microwave build to design.

If a switching unit with both LXI and local control capability is desired, Dow-Key Microwave offers the EWEB solution which allows the user to take advantage of both technologies. Contact Dow-Key for further information.

SOURCE: Dow-Key Microwave Corp.