Foldable Antennas for Tactical and Field Applications: ARA-2576

Source: Antenna Research Associates

The ARA-2576 foldable antennas are extremely durable and have been designed to be deployed several thousand times in harsh environments for tactical and field applications.

The ARA-2576 foldable antennas operate in the 240 to 400 MHz frequency range. They have a 7.0 dBic gain, right hand circular polarization, 50 Ohms impedance, a nominal 100o beamwidth, 100 Watt CW power handling (or 200 Watts for up to 5 minutes), and <1.5:1 VSWR. These antennas can operate in the -30o to +70 o C operating temperature, fit together with a tripod, and their dull black finish makes them suitable for several types of environments.