Freeware | October 15, 1998

Foresight 2.0 (Demo)

Source: PRICE Systems, L.L.C.
Foresight is a project-forecasting tool that provides critical data early in the project process. Project feasibility, project risk, project delerables are examples of the data needed to determine mission success. Foresight calculates the amount of resources needed for software projects to schedule deadlines and project milestones. Foresight's flexibility allows the tracking and management of several types of projects: new development, maintenance, re-engineering and upgrade; integration of off-the-shelf items; ERP implementations, web site development and the many languages associated with these projects. The knowledge gained from benchmarking and metrics collection affects the current project and subsequent projects that use the same teams and practices to deliver the final product. With Foresight, project teams gain better control of project costs, schedules, and accuracy. Teams can translate information to reports, charts and graphs to rank project resources and tasks in an unbiased manner. Foresight's Acculink provides seamless interfaces to Ms Prpject 98 allowing project teams to rapidly create, read and update Project fileswith accurate schedule and resource information.