News | May 10, 1999

GSM Service Providers Can Improve Network Performance with Integrated Phone- and Receiver-based Systems

The HP E7475A GSM drive-test system now includes integrated phone and receiver configurations for DCS1800, dual-band GSM900/DCS1800 and U.S. PCS1900 GSM networks. These solutions join the current integrated phone and receiver option for GSM900.

New products include a dual-band GSM900/DCS1800 test phone, DCS1800 and PCS1900 receivers and a PCS1900 GSM phone. HP also has added frame-erasure-rate (FER), radio link timeout counter (RLTC) and C1, C2 path-loss measurements to the GSM drive-test system. The protocol-logging capability has been enhanced to include system info 5 and system info 6 messages.

GSM service providers can use the enhanced measurement and analysis tools of the HP E7475A to evaluate RF signal strength and quality quickly, detect co-channel and spurious interfering signals, and diagnose complex RF problems.

Together, the digital receiver and test phone provide RF-coverage and quality-of-service measurements as a function of location. The test phone measures critical call parameters, such as dropped calls, blocked calls and FER, while the receiver non-intrusively measures the power and quality of all broadcast GSM signals, independent of the GSM network's control.

PC-based software integrates measurements and provides automatic data-logging capability, complete with alerts and alarms. The software can control up to four receivers and four test phones in a single system. This capability helps minimize the number of test drives that a service provider must make to optimize the network, trouble-shoot a problem or do a comparative performance assessment with other GSM networks in the area.

Prices for the HP E7475A drive-test system for GSM drive testing begin at $10,625 for a phone-based system, including an optional test mobile.

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