News | June 7, 1999

Handheld T1 Test Sets For Automated Troubleshooting of Facility Performance

Fluke (Everett, WA) announced two T1 test sets for automated troubleshooting of T1 facility performance. The new Fluke 635 QuickBERT-T1 and Fluke 633 QuickCHECK-T1 offer improved testing efficiency to those who provide and use T1 services. The test sets incorporate in-depth test capabilities into an intuitive and easy-to-use handheld form.

After connecting the QuickBERT-T1 or QuickCHECK-T1, service technicians can instantly verify facility integrity, configuration parameters and general performance. For quick and easy troubleshooting, the test sets automatically synchronize and verify DS1 bit error performance, frequency and level. The test sets also indicate individual DS0 signaling and Voice Frequency (VF) performance. Test results and facility status are displayed via Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), and measurement results are accessed and viewed on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen.

The QuickBERT-T1 and QuickCHECK-T1 assist technicians on the move with a durable handheld design that weighs less than two pounds. The test sets offer a compact design with versatile and powerful test capabilities that can be used at any access point on the span. A simple set-up enables technicians to perform a Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) or fractional T1 BERT. The test sets automatically identify and synchronize to the pattern, registering any errors that occur.

For added versatility, the QuickBERT-T1 includes an independent transmitter capable of sending all standard T1 BERT patterns and loop codes, including High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line (HDSL) loop codes. The QuickBERT-T1 features 10 common BERT patterns, as well as a programmable pattern that may be customized by the technician. Additionally, the QuickBERT-T1 provides the capability to insert logic, Bi-Polar Violation (BPV) and frame bit errors; and it displays all standard T1 alarms, captures and decodes Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) digits, and performs timing analysis.

The Fluke 635 QuickBERT-T1 and Fluke 633 QuickCHECK-T1 are available beginning July 1999 for $2,995 and $2,295 (U.S. list) respectively. These products are applicable to services based on T1 transmission standards.

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