News | May 5, 1999

IEST Meeting and Exhibition Opens with Peak Performance Keynote

By: Paul O'Shea

Charles Garfield opened the 45th annual IEST meeting with a powerful keynote about peak performance for the year 2000. The inspiring talk was the beginning of a positive show that offers the latest technical papers about environmental testing and contamination control for the various electronics-based industries.

The technical programs included analysis techniques, test methods, test tailoring, and a computer applications session. Papers covered environmental stress screening, multiple shaker control, and using

the Internet to enhance chamber performance.

After attending the technical sessions, many participants headed for the exhibition hall to engage in a fact-finding mission to improve their knowledge about the newest products and services available to help resolve product testing problems. Products ranged from clean room solutions to the newest in shaker controls and environmental software.

Vibration Test Control Made Easy

Dominic Acquarulo, president of the U.S. operations of Ling Dynamic Systems, demonstrates DVC48 control system. The product simulates complex, real world dynamics in the test laboratory. Yet with its modular hardware and user-friendly software, this PC-based instrument is easy to learn.

The DVC48 offers a vibration test control solution with built-in accelerometer charge amplifiers and signal conditioners. Its integral design minimizes the number of variables, making test set up and operation fast and simple.

It is ideal for production environments, efficiently handles a variety of sine, random and classical shock applications, while maintaining high levels of safety. Typical applications include automotive component testing, electronics production process testing, and aerospace stress screening.

Ling Dynamic Systems, Inc., 60 Church St, Yalesville, CT 06492. Phone: 203-265-7966

Dual DSP System Provides Control for Vibration Test

The Dactron Dual Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Shaker Control System is demonstrated by sales engineer Dick Baldridge. This system helps provide the control that is responsive to the varied needs of your lab. Whether your simulations require random, sine, shock or advanced environments, the Dactron control system can help with its 24-bit inputs and outputs. It has a dynamic range of >95 dB and provides safe control of large accelerations.

Safety is further enhanced by a distributed processing architecture that handles the control loop independent of the PC processor. This produces a fast control loop and ensures the test article is always monitored. It offers multi-tasking capabilities for real-time graphics displays, printing, storing, using the network and even handling email.

The DSP is a PCI card that is plug-and-play compatible and the system is expandable in hardware and applications software to meet future needs. Application packages available include; random, and swept sine vibration, classical shock, real time spectral analysis, resonance search track and dwell vibration, shock response spectra transient, transient capture, mixed mode vibration, and waveform replication.

Dactron, Inc., 1629 South Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035-6261. Phone: 408-934-9160.