News | April 27, 1999

Intel Director Joins LogicVision's Board of Directors

LogicVision, a provider of embedded test for integrated circuits and systems, today announced D. James Guzy has been elected to the company's board of directors. A director of Intel Corp. since 1969, Guzy is also president and chief executive officer of SRC Computers (Colorado Springs). In addition to his post at SRC, Guzy serves as chairman of the Arbor Company, a limited partnership engaged in the electronics and computer industry. He is a director of Cirrus Logic; Novellus Systems, Davis Selected Group of Mutual Funds and Alliance Capital Management Technology Fund.

"Accelerated time-to-market pressures combined with ever-increasing chip complexities are driving embedded test into the mainstream semiconductor market," said Vinod Agarwal, Ph.D., LogicVision's president and CEO. "Jim's role in shaping the semiconductor industry will be invaluable to LogicVision."

LogicVision's patented technology embeds high-performance test and diagnosis circuitry directly into integrated circuits, eliminating some of the most challenging design and manufacturing issues associated with very deep submicron and system-on-a-chip technologies. The embedded test circuits are inserted using LogicVision's proprietary design tools, and test programs are automatically generated.

By minimizing the need for capital- and labor-intensive external test, embedded test shortens time-to-market and greatly reduces test costs. In addition, the embedded test circuitry can be re-used hierarchically at the board- and system-level to optimize the quality and cost of electronic products. For integrated circuits consisting of more than one million gates, embedded test requires less than two percent silicon overhead. The solution is compatible with existing design flows and manufacturing environments.

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