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Longsys DDR4 U-DIMM Has Passed KTI Tests

Comprehensive guarantees

Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/ - Longsys has been exploring memory test technologies. In addition to introducing the independently developed test system based on 10nm ASIC, Longsys is also actively involved in cooperation with professional testing qualification institutions, in an effort to make breakthroughs in quality.

Furthermore, Longsys and KingTiger Technology ("KTI") have carried out a slew of exchange activities on memory technology and reached a strategic test framework agreement to improve memory test technologies and formulate relevant standards.

KTI, a world-renowned brand of memory test equipment, has specialized in the field of memory testing for over 30 years, and boasts complete core patented technologies. KTI operates under the philosophy of "equal emphasis on logic function testing and system application testing, and the application of industry standards and design specifications".

With the support of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the project of aviation-grade DRAM test equipment R&D center and test service center has been launched. It is dedicated to memory device testing qualification and failure mode analysis, as well as mass-produced memory quality screening services. Through a joint mechanism with major manufacturers, it will be developed into an authoritative agency for memory testing.

System KT-4MG+
Testing Speed 3.2GHz
Testing Scan Rate Full cell cover
ATE Function Test YES
Application Test YES
Parameter Testing I/O Timing/Voltage/IDD (DC/AC)
Testing Function Device Profiling

Features of KTI test system

Recently, the FORESEE DDR4 U-DIMM samples that Longsys provided passed KTI's special test certification with the rating of "quality products".

Below are details of KTI test certification of Longsys memory products:

Test Item Authentication Test Results  
Core parameter profiling Features comply with JEDEC standards Features comply with OEM design specifications
Idd real-time power consumption measurement Consistent with OEM feature index  
I/O signal quality evaluation DRAM valid access window width and signal quality are excellent  
ATE functional test General parameter test PASS Test under more stringent conditions PASS
Application test General parameter test PASS Test under more stringent conditions PASS
High temperature aging test General parameter test PASS Test under more stringent conditions PASS
Conclusion Features are above JEDEC standards, strong consistency of particles, capable of withstanding extreme environments. Rated by KTI as an excellent product.  

Test items and test results

The testing has shown that memory product has exceptional performance in all terms of KTI's tests.

As a standard Longsys memory product, FORESEE DDR4 U-DIMM is equipped with Samsung DRAM particles. It is produced by a world-leading company using high-end PCB process materials (30u gold plating process for edge connectors), guaranteeing its high quality for industrial users.

Description 8GB 1Rx8 PC4-2666V-UA3
MO MO-309 AAxA
# of PIN DDR4 288PIN
Design 1Rank x8
Applicable Design File PC4-UDIMM_RC_A3_R071_V301_20190918.brd
DIMM Organization 1 Gb x64
DRAM Die SAM 1Xnm 8Gb x8
# of Address bits row/col 16/10
# of DRAM *8
Speed 2666Mbps
tCK 0.75ns
CAS Latency(CL) 19 nCK
CL-tRCD-tRP 19-19-19
tRCD 14.25 ns
tRP 14.25 ns
tRAS 32 ns
VDD/VDDQ 1.2V/1.2V

Specifications of FORESEE DDR4 U-DIMM

Based on internal and external test systems, Longsys will continue to be committed to quality improvement and building a sound storage ecosystem in China.

Going forward, Longsys will make diversified memory products available for KTI testing and certification and provide customers with more high-quality products.

Source: Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co. Ltd

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