News | May 24, 1999

Micro Interconnect Announces Manufacturing Partners

Micro Interconnect, Inc. (MII; San Diego, CA), a provider of design, assembly and test services for RF/mixed-signal high-density modules (HDMs), announced business partnerships for the manufacture of expert modules for the Internet and wireless communication markets. Under terms of the agreements, APack Technologies Inc. and Tong Hsing Electronics Industries Ltd., both of Taiwan, will act as manufacturing foundries for MII. APack will provide an interconnect technology, developed by Lucent Technologies, which incorporates embedded passives and utilizes flip-chip die attach onto a high-density silicon interconnect substrate. Tong Hsing will offer MII and its customers the most advanced techniques in high-volume ceramic and laminate module manufacturing.

In the electronics manufacturing industry, many companies design RF/mixed-signal HDMs while others manufacture these modules and still others test them. Micro Interconnect offers all three services.

Module designs will come from MII's U.S.-based design engineering team, and the designs will utilize both standard module technologies based on ceramic and printed wiring board (PWB) interconnect substrates, along with advanced silicon or Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) wafer-level interconnect substrates.

APack is a manufacturer that uses leading-edge processes based on technology licensed from Lucent Technologies. APack brings the latest in manufacturing techniques to the fabrication of HDMs for MII with four key services. These four services are solder bumping, chip-scale packaging, flip-chip assembly and high-density module design, manufacture and consultation.

Tong Hsing Electronic is a manufacturer with extensive experience in both ceramic- and laminate-based HDM technologies. With expertise in assembly, packaging, thick film and laser manufacturing technologies, the company serves major international customers in the United States and Europe. Through its agreement with Tong Hsing, MII can accept and fill large orders for high-quality modules from the outset of its operations.

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