News | June 30, 1999

Module Expander Makes Isolated Industrial Measurements

DATAQ Instruments (Akron, OH) introduces the DI-75B backpack expander unit for isolated industrial data acquisition measurements. The unit is designed for the company's DI-720 and DI-730 products and may also be used with DI-400 Series plug-in data acquisition cards.

By accepting up to eight 5B style modules, the DI-75B brings the universe of isolated industrial measurements to the DI-720, -730 and -400 products, including thermocouple, true rms, voltage, strain, frequency, process current, RTD, potentiometric, and DC transducer. These signal-conditioned measurements can be mixed and matched in any combination to suit any individual application. A maximum of two 75Bs can be used with any supported data acquisition engine to yield sixteen 5B-conditioned inputs, in addition to any remaining channels provided within the original data acquisition unit.

The DI-75B features a stackable design with optional mounting hardware that enables the unit to be mounted to the top of the 720 or 730. It has a built-in process current shunt sockets that allow a 20-ohm shunt to be placed inside the DI-75B enclosure. The unit has power and low power LED indicators that indicate when power is applied and when that power is inadequate for use by the DI-75B. The unit can be powered from any 9-36VDC source.

The DI-75B is priced at $795.

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