Nanopositioning System For Super-Resolution Microscopy

Nanopositioning System for Super-Resolution Microscopy

The P-545.R7 Plnano® XY(Z) Piezo System is a low-cost nanopositioning system for super-resolution microscopy. It features a cost-effective design due to its piezoresistive sensors, easy integration with its 20 mm profile, up to 200 x 200 x 200 µm travel ranges, and much more.

This nanopositioning Piezo system is ideal for high-resolution microscopy, screening, confocal microscopy, and biotechnology. The system provides high reliability, even under permanent high-humidity conditions. The high-resolution piezoresistive sensors feature closed-loop control for high repeatability and accuracy, good positional stability, and a cost effective design.

Additional features include the PICMA® high-performance piezo drive, a frictionless flexure guiding system with FEM-optimized flexure joints, and a large, clear aperture for 3 x 1” object slides. Additional information can be found on the available datasheet.