News | July 13, 2020

Next Generation Handheld Eddy Current Tester Now Distributed In US By Berg Engineering

Zetec's MIZ-21C series of advanced handheld eddy current testers, with surface array capabilities, is specifically designed for extended use in harsh environments to increase the speed, ease, and accuracy of nondestructive material testing.

Rolling Meadows, IL (PRWEB) - Berg Engineering & Sales Company, Inc. provides equipment and services for industrial nondestructive testing. Berg announces the immediate availability of Zetec's MIZ-21C, the next generation of advanced, handheld eddy current testers. Eddy current testers solve the challenging and labor-intensive problem of inspecting for cracks, flaw and defects in conductive materials without damaging the test subjects. They are used by aerospace, oil and gas, and power generation companies worldwide and Zetec has been a leader in nondestructive testing equipment for over 50 years.

The MIC-21C Eddy Current Tester offers a cost-effective alternative to competing NDT inspection solutions such as liquid penetrant testing (LPT) and magnetic particle testing (MPT), as no consumables are required. The ergonomically designed units offer ease-of-use utility combined in a compact, portable package. The surface array option can reduce inspection time by up to 95%, by allowing users to cover a much larger area than with previous methods. The high power and signal-to-noise ratio enable increased material penetration depth along with a greater ability to distinguish small losses of material. All MIZ-21C models can work with thousands of accessories, as well as have 128 GB storage capacity, an intuitive touchscreen, universal symbol buttons, multi-language software, both USB and wireless connectivity and replaceable batteries that support all-day operation.

"The Zetec MIZ-21C is the most advanced handheld instrument with surface array capabilities. The MIZ-21C is ideal for aerospace, oil & gas, manufacturing and power generation applications. Its ergonomic design, long battery life and intuitive touchscreen along with an industry-leading signal quality provide better flaw detection capabilities enabling the user to inspect more areas faster than ever without fatigue," states Jesse Herrin, Zetec Product Manager for Eddy Current Systems.

Berg Engineering provides sales support, service, technical assistance, and calibrations for all Zetec equipment, including the MIZ-21C. Berg’s commitment to its customers cuts across the entire purchase lifecycle from product research and purchase to post-purchase support and training. Berg is a Zetec stocking distributor and the company is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited (by ANAB) calibration laboratory. The company offers both remote and client site training for the Zetec products.

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