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OgMentum Launches Bola Technologies' Next-Gen Dynamic Optical Filter Array Platform For Optical Network And Transceiver Testing

DOFA solution to serve network equipment manufacturers' testing requirements cost-effectively

Stateline, NV /PRNewswire/ - Bola Technologies, a global fiber optic test and measurement equipment manufacturer, today announced it has launched its next-gen Dynamic Optical Filter Array (DOFA) platform through its global distributor OgMentum. The new solution provides telecommunications equipment manufacturers with a more cost-effective, flexible and higher performing alternative to competing solutions. Bola Technologies will showcase its offering at OFC 2024 in San Diego, CA from March 26-28 in booth #4813. Please contact to arrange a meeting or inquire about Bola Technologies' new DOFA platform solution.

Bola Technologies has over a decade of demonstrated experience creating reliable fiber optic test and measurement equipment for research & development, laboratory and field use. Its DOFA solution features C and L-band wavelength coverage with repeatable user-defined filters, including a wide range of channels, center wavelengths, bandwidths and attenuation ranges. These filters can be individually switched to any of the available channels, empowering customers with wavelength-selective switching. The solution's diverse applications include transceiver testing, optical network and device characterization, spectral management and more.

The DOFA solution's two base offerings each provide customers with substantial performance enhancements, multiple configurations (1x1, 1x2 and 1x4) and Dual offerings of each configuration. These Dual offerings of each configuration empower Bola's customers with significant cost, space and flexibility advantages by doubling configuration options and delivering two DOFAs within a single footprint without doubling the cost for volume manufacturing applications. In addition, the DOFA platform's unique Optical Channel Monitors (OCMs) provide unprecedented, embedded measurement capabilities. Prices vary by configuration, with the Dual 1x4 resulting in the highest cost savings compared to competing products. However, even the base 1x1 units with integrated OCM provide higher cost savings and significantly more functionality compared to competing solutions.

The DOFA's Optical Channel Monitors (OCMs) allow customers to define an array of filters for an incoming fiber's signals and measure the power within those individual filters, providing functional wavelength and power monitoring across the spectrum. Bola Technologies' DOFA platform is the only offering among competing technologies that integrates these capabilities into a single, cost-effective solution.

"Bola Technologies' DOFA platform is a flexible fiber optic testing solution that provides customers with multiple configurations and capabilities at a fraction of the cost of competing products, making the DOFA platform the highest-value offering of its kind," said Jake Weise, OgMentum President. "By providing our customers with enhanced options, these solutions ensure our customers can buy a configuration that is optimized for their needs and budget, enabling optical equipment manufacturers to deliver quality and value to their customers through cost-effective testing and measurement."

Bola Technologies' solution features an intuitive graphical user interface and a complete dynamic-link library (DLL), enabling users to utilize customized code for their specialized testing requirements. The array of configurations in the DOFA platform outperforms alternative offerings, providing a fast, reliable testing experience to Bola Technologies' customers across diverse applications. Bola Technologies' new solution will be available in March 2024.

About OgMentum
OgMentum's technically competent, highly experienced team is the foundation of our unique business strength as a global distributor of fiber optic, photonic and electronic test and measurement equipment, components, and subsystems. Our team possesses advanced engineering and science degrees, experience serving on technical industry committees and many decades of practical experience in fiber optic, photonic and electronic equipment. OgMentum is focused solely on optical, electronic and related technologies and operates with exclusive representation and distribution agreements with over a dozen leading manufacturers around the globe. In addition to direct sales in specific regions, OgMentum provides channel management and marketing services with global reach.

About Bola Technologies
Bola Technologies is the proven standard for flexible, configurable optical test and measurement instrumentation. Performance, price and quality are at the forefront of what we do. Our company has over ten years of experience in delivering technology that meets the diverse fiber optic testing and measurement requirements of laboratory, manufacturing and field use. We specialize in general purpose fiber optic test and measurement instruments and integrated test sets, providing our customers with the highest value. Contact us today if you're interested in learning more about how our cost-effective, high-quality technologies can meet your optical test and measurement needs.

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