News | April 25, 2024

PPT Group Unveils Squeezerpro: A Versatile Compression Tester Fusing Lansmont And Mecmesin's Expertise

The PPT Group, a global leader in the development of physical properties testing equipment, announces the launch of the SqueezerPro. This innovative compression tester is a landmark achievement, integrating the engineering excellence of Lansmont and Mecmesin with the latter’s cutting-edge VectorPro software for unparalleled precision.

The SqueezerPro is meticulously engineered to offer advanced insights into the compressive strength performance of box designs, closures, interior partitions, and critical design variables. It can also be used to conduct distribution simulation compression testing for individual packages.

Key product features:

  • Enhanced accuracy and precision: Leveraging precision-aligned specimen platforms and state-of-the-art precision bearings, the SqueezerPro ensures the highest levels of accuracy and reliability in testing outcomes.
  • Intuitive operation: The integration of Mecmesin's VectorPro software offers an intuitive user experience with simple controls, including a drag-and-drop interface for test routine creation and real-time data analysis. The software's adaptive interface ensures seamless operation, making sophisticated testing accessible to all user levels.
  • Global compliance and versatility: Designed to meet a wide array of international testing standards, the SqueezerPro is versatile enough to accommodate fixed or floating platen configurations, offering flexibility in testing protocols and setups. Its compliance with standards like ISTA 6-Amazon, D642-20, and ISO 12048 makes it a valuable tool across industries.
  • Robust design and global support: With a maximum force capacity of 25 kN (5,500 lbs) and a platen size of 1120 mm x 760 mm (44” x 30”), the SqueezerPro is built for durability. The global support networks of Lansmont and Mecmesin ensure that customers receive prompt and comprehensive service, enhancing the product’s utility and longevity.

Executive Insights
Neil Pryke, CEO of the PPT Group, expressed, "The SqueezerPro exemplifies our commitment to innovation through collaboration. By harnessing the strengths of Lansmont and Mecmesin, we've created a product that advances the field of compression testing and provides our customers with a tool that is both powerful and easy to use."

Declan Tierney, Mecmesin Global Commercial Director added, "VectorPro software's integration into the SqueezerPro underscores our dedication to enhancing user experience and test accuracy. This is a step forward in our mission to make complex testing more accessible."

Rod Ansari, Lansmont Global Commercial Director remarked, "Our engineering expertise, combined with Mecmesin's software innovation, allows us to offer a comprehensive testing solution that addresses the needs of a diverse clientele. The SqueezerPro is a testament to what we can achieve together and the true benefit this synergy can bring our customer base."

Global Availability
The SqueezerPro is available for purchase worldwide, offering industries a reliable solution for their compression testing needs.

Source: The Physical Properties Testers Group (PPT Group)