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ProGrAnalog Announces Latest Power Test Tool Support For AMD Versal™ AI Core Series Devices

Portland, OR /PRNewswire/ - ProGrAnalog, the home of LoadSlammer custom and off the shelf power delivery test tools, announced the launch of a new family of Form Factor Equivalent Devices (FFED) that were developed to quickly evaluate, characterize and validate power delivery schemes for AMD Versal™ AI Core Series and Versal™ Premium AIE devices.

There is a growing trend of higher supply currents for state-of-the-art SoCs with lower voltages, higher current load steps and tighter voltage regulation requirements. This poses a significant design challenge to ensure that power delivery to the SoC is optimized so that the voltage regulators can meet stringent demands.

Measuring regulator performance under actual operating conditions with a LoadSlammer Orac controller and the FFED for Versal AI Core Series devices is the optimal way to verify power delivery performance. The Versal AI Core device family allows corner testing of voltage regulation, complete thermal emulation, large signal time and frequency domain evaluation. Development time can now be reduced with a high level of automation and report generation. Think of the solution as an off the shelf, exhaustive and comprehensive test tool for your Versal implementation.

"Whether it is board bring up or board testing – the appeal of this FFED approach is to reduce the time to market and expenses associated with the Versal AI Core Series' power supply design," said Roger Beeston, CEO at ProGrAnalog. "The test plan, measurement techniques, and test vectors have already been developed for the test engineer. Customization of the tool suite is fast and optimized for use with Power Designer Manager from AMD. The LoadSlammer products are the most sophisticated test solution available to validate Versal Adaptive SoC Power solutions."

"AMD Versal™ AI Core Series devices can achieve high performance targets using low voltage without excessive current demands. Consequently, power supply requirements are more demanding. Stress testing the power delivery circuitry before you fit your FPGA makes sense. I like the Versal FFED approach." Martin Charron, Senior Director Technical Marketing, AMD.

FFED's for AMD Versal AI Core Series VC1902 in VSVA2197, VIVA1596 and VSVD1760 packages will be the first to be released. Next in line for product release in Q4 2023 are ProGrAnalog's FFED for AMD Versal AI core VC2802, Versal Premium AIE VP2802 and Versal Premium VP1902 power delivery test solutions.

Engineers can download ProGrAnalog's FFED for Versal AI Core Series verified test data, GUI sample data reports and videos here at Xilinx Test Solutions - LoadSlammer

About ProGrAnalog
ProGrAnalog Corp. was formed in 2014, predicated on reducing the time to market and expense associated with power supply design and test.

The ProGrAnalog solution focuses on automation to solve the complex requirements of validating power supply implementations across the various stages of product development.

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