Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Quantum Data, Inc.

Source: Quantum Data, Inc.
Quantum Data, Inc.

Quantum Data is a leading manufacturer of video test equipment for the electronics display industry. Do you design, build, install or repair video display monitors or projectors? Then Quantum Data offers you a wide selection of video test equipment that is the benchmark reference tool for today's leading CRT manufacturers and System Developers.

The Quantum Data model 800 Series includes five compact standalone models and four ISA plug-in expansion board models. Over 100 built-in test images let you quickly test virtually every key aspect of display's performance. The timing accuracy is precise to the pixel. Video clock rates up to 360 MHz are available for testing high-end displays. Many models incorporate an exclusive VGM™ interface.

The Model 903 features a built-in graphics user interface, disk drive, and expansion capabilities. It can provide pixel clock rates up to 250 MHz.

Quantum Data generators can be set-up by the user to emulate the signal outputs of many video signal sources. Some of these sources include NTSC and PAL television, HDTV television, various personal computers, graphics workstations, medical imaging systems and military display systems.

Video distribution buffers which feature three analog video channels with 200MHz bandwidths and two TTL level sync channels are also available. The model DBV12-VGA distribution buffers features BNC connectors for the input and loop-through connections and VGA output connectors.

From the beginning, the overriding concern at Quantum Data has been to meet and try to exceed our customers' needs for quality. Our equipment has become the standard for use in many video testing and servicing environments.

Quantum Data is ready and able to assist you in building your business with quality products that will help you achieve quality manufactured products and repairs. Just contact us through our website for any further information. We look forward to assisting you.