News | March 9, 2021

Quick Connect Adapters Expansion For Improved Rapid Testing

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group company, now offers a 2.92mm Quick Connect Adapter and High Frequency SMA Quick Connect Adapters, designed to adapt from a standard threaded jack to a Quick Connect Plug. These adapters are designed to allow for rapid test connections to devices using 2.92mm and SMA connectors, resulting in a more efficient testing process by reducing the time and effort required to connect and disconnect the test cable.

The 2.92mm and High Frequency SMA Quick Connect adapters are popular with test and R&D labs, supporting frequencies up to 40, 26.5 and 18 GHz with three unique parts. Full Mil-PRF-39012 electrical compatibility is obtained with a push and twist motion. The 2.92mm/SMA Quick-Connect Plug Adapter converts a standard 2.92mm/SMA Plug test cable into a Quick-Connect cable, enhancing speed and ease of use in repetitive testing environments.

About Bel
Cinch is a Bel group company. Bel designs, manufactures and markets a broad array of products that include circuit protection, connectors, cable assemblies, discrete components, magnetics and power supplies. The Company serves a global market and operates facilities around the world.

Source: Bel Fuse Inc.