News | May 20, 1999

RADCOM and Data Connection Collaborate on PNNI Simulation

RADCOM Ltd., a provider of internetworking test solutions, and Data Connection Ltd. (DCL), a provider of portable ATM software solutions, announced an ongoing collaboration in the development of RADCOM's Private Network to Network Interface simulation (PNNIsim) software, using products from Data Connection's DC-ATM software family.

PNNIsim tests the behavior of PNNI equipment by connecting an emulated PNNI network (with multiple nodes, links and ATM end stations) to actual network switches and hosts. PNNIsim also measures performance parameters and develops error recovery schemes. At the heart of PNNIsim, DC-ATM products provide the robust, efficient and scalable implementations of PNNI, UNI and ILMI required for effective PNNI network simulation.

PNNI is a hierarchical, dynamic link-state routing protocol. PNNI distributes network topology and ATM addressing information across a network and then uses that information to route calls through the network. It is designed to support large-scale ATM networks. It also allows different vendors' ATM switches to be integrated in the same network. PNNI is the only practical solution for providing QoS over large ATM networks. This is crucial for applications that use a combination of voice, video and data over the same physical line.

PNNIsim allows definition of a virtual PNNI network in order to emulate the full functionality of PNNI, ATM Signalling and ILMI network components. PNNIsim also tracks all traffic between two ATM devices, provides extensive decode information and supports multiple-level hierarchy topology. PNNIsim provides user friendly scripting capabilities for automated tests and regression tests.

PNNISim currently runs on standard stand-alone PCs running Microsoft's NT operating system, connected via standard ATM network interface cards to the unit under test.

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