News | April 27, 1999

Rambus Selects Snaketech For Analysis Of High-Speed Devices

Snaketech, a provider of integrated circuit (IC) design tools for RF, analog and mixed-signal designs, and Rambus, a supplier of high-speed interface technology for semiconductor memory devices, announced the integration of Snaketech's substrate modeling and noise analysis solutions into the Rambus circuit design flow.

The integration of Snaketech's Layin suite of tools will enable Rambus designers to model substrate effects in the RDRAM interface and ensure that product specifications are being met before manufacturing the semiconductor device. By incorporating Layin into the design flow, Rambus designers can now model and simulate the three-dimensional input structure to determine whether the tight specifications for input resistance are being met. It is these tight specifications that allow the RDRAM interface to operate at lower power and faster speeds. Layin enables significant costs savings because it eliminates pre-production design, fabrication and measurement iterations.