News | July 18, 2011

Rasco Introduces Its New ATU And PTU MEMS Test Units

Poway, CA - Rasco GmbH, a Cohu Inc. subsidiary and a leader in test handling equipment and MEMS testing, announced today the introduction of two new advanced MEMS products, the Pressure Test Unit (PTU) and the Acoustic Test Unit (ATU).

"The ATU and PTU expand our product portfolio with two flexible, high parallelism units to address the cost-sensitive requirements for testing MEMS devices" said Alfred Langer, Rasco Director of Engineering. "The modular design provides quick and easy integration on Gravity-feed, Test-in-Strip or Pick and Place handlers for testing MEMS ICs up to 32 devices in parallel."

The ATU is the high parallelism solution for testing audio devices used in a variety of consumer electronics and automotive applications. The PTU is designed for high accuracy testing of integrated pressure sensors used in the automotive market. Rasco's advanced MEMS Test Units also include solutions for Magnetic, Optical and Temperature Sensor devices.

Cohu, through its Delta Design and Rasco subsidiaries, is a supplier of test handling, burn-in, thermal subsystems and MEMS test solutions used by the global semiconductor industry.

SOURCE: Cohu Inc.