News | May 26, 1999

Schlumberger Introduces EXA2000 Series - The Industry's Most Comprehensive, High Performance System-on-a-Chip Test Solution

Schlumberger Automated Test Equipment (San Jose, CA) announced the EXA2000 series, a comprehensive, system-on-a-chip (SOC) test solution. The series provides a complete, high-throughput test solution for today's complex SOC devices, such as digital TV, DVD, network interfaces, PC chipsets and peripherals. More than 20 orders have already been received from leading semiconductor manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, adding to the existing installed base of over 150 Schlumberger SOC test systems worldwide.

Built on the same common platform as the Schlumberger EXA and SX systems, the system's throughput reduces cost-of-test, and the comprehensive ASAP software tools for graphical test generation and debug reduce time-to-volume. The EXA2000 system is a scalable system that delivers 100MHz or 200MHz (400 Mbit/sec) non-multiplexed performance on up to 448 digital pins, and is configurable to add more than 80 analog resources. Multiple 1.6 Gbit/sec differential data/clock sources are also available to support the latest generation of high-speed interfaces. The system features a broad range of fully integrated analog and digital test options, optimized performance for accurate design characterization and high-throughput production test of the most complex SOC devices.

The EXA2000 is currently available, with systems shipping within three months after receipt of order. Pricing for a basic EXA2200 system starts at less than one million dollars.

Schlumberger ATE Phone: 408-501-7145