News | June 29, 1999

Schroff Introduces its Quick Ship Delivery Service Program

Schroff (Warwick, RI), a world leader in system packaging, announced today its Quick Ship delivery service of cabinets, cases, subracks and front panels. Schroff has a dedicated warehouse and stocking program to ensure speedy delivery of equipment to its customers with the desired configurations. Delivery of in-stock subracks, cases and systems off-the-shelf can be shipped immediately to customers in five days or less. Front panels can be shipped in 10 days or less including quick prototype turnaround.

Schroff customers can take advantage of the Quick Ship program by calling a toll free number and indicating they want to order a Quick Ship or in stock item. Schroff will help configure the application and place the order over the phone for immediate delivery.

Subracks for system solutions, laboratory applications, HF shielded configurations and metric format mounting are available with accessories such as board mounting components, internal board configurations, standard or EMC plug-in units and disk drive plug-in units.

Cabinets are available in 19-in. and universal configurations. Network server cabinets are available for 19-in., 23-in. and 24-in. mounting. Cases from stock are available with designed-in EMC features.

Systems off-the-shelf are also included in the Quick Ship program. These include VMEbus, VME64X and CompactPCI backplanes and fully enclosed systems that are available with accessories such as front panel kits, PMC panel kits, test adapters, power supplies, backplane components and drive mount units.

Schroff is also including its Front Panel Express Program as part of the Quick Ship program. This program is applicable for front panels modified to customer specifications. These front panels can be ordered by themselves or with hardware such as handles assembled. Prototyped panels need an additional five days for shipment on initial orders for CAD documentation and screen generation.

Schroff Phone: 401-732-3770