News | March 5, 2012

setcom wireless S-CAT System Adds Support For China Mobile Custom Application Enabler Testing

Sliema, Malta - setcom wireless products announced recently a new test suite for TD-SCDMA Application Enablers (AEs). Running on setcom's user-friendly S-CAT 6020 test system, this powerful new suite of test cases supports the latest services for TD-SCDMA, the mobile telecommunications standard developed by the Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Technology.

"We are excited to support China Mobile Communication Corporation [CMCC] to provide a faster role-out of new smartphone-based services on their 3G network," said Johnson Li, vice president of sales and marketing, APAC, setcom wireless products.

The test suite includes important new use cases for MMS (multimedia messaging service), browsing, streaming, and video telephony, specifically for CMCC's TD-SCDMA acceptance plans. This new suite is integrated into the existing user interface of the S-CAT 6020, allowing existing S-CAT users to quickly and easily perform testing.

All of the S-CAT 6000 Series' user-friendly features are incorporated into the CMCC test environment, allowing detailed tracing and logging of signaling and test results. The important CMCC requirement of multiple AE testing in parallel is a key part of setcom's test suite, and unique to the S-CAT platform.

About the S-CAT 6000 Series
The setcom advantage is focused on ease of use together with compelling debugging features. The S-CAT 6000 Series tester is the outcome of extensive experience in application enabler testing. It is a standalone test solution with all needed hardware (with optional 2G and 3G bearers) and software providing CMCC network emulation and test plan execution through a user-friendly interface with detailed protocol logging and decoding (IP, HTTP, and signaling) and lab-based repeatability that enables a faster path to CMCC user equipment (UE) acceptance.

SOURCE: setcom wireless