News | February 1, 2022

Softing Releases Pocket-Sized LinkXpert Family Of Cable Testers

LinkXpert devices allow cable installers and technicians to perform copper, PoE, fiber and Wi-Fi cable tests — all from a single device that fits in their pocket.

Softing Inc. has expanded its cable and network testing product portfolio with the release of its LinkXpert cable testers. These devices include the LinkXpert TP (Twisted Pair) model for copper wires, as well as the LinkXpert M3 model for three media types: copper, fiber and Wi-Fi.

LinkXpert cable testers offer game-changing convenience for end users, packing three media types — copper, fiber and Wi-Fi — into a single device roughly the size and price-point of a commercial smartphone. For these reasons, LinkXpert products are poised to change the way information technology (IT) departments and industrial facilities test and troubleshoot their Ethernet cables.

Ideal for industrial applications, the LinkXpert TP carries out active copper network tests, while the M3 expands these capabilities to include active network tests for fiber and Wi-Fi. Both devices are suitable for network technicians that work in campus environments, offices or data centers.

LinkXpert devices and testing capabilities include the following: -

  • LinkXpert TP: Copper wiremaps, cable length, power over Ethernet (PoE) and copper network tests (1G).
  • LinkXpert M3: Copper wiremaps, cable length, PoE, very low frequency (VLF) and copper, fiber and Wi-Fi network tests (10G recognition).

LinkXpert units are similar to smartphones in terms of form and usability, and they include a toner function for locating cables. They also feature large, backlit displays that improve readability and ease of use — even in darker environments.

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Source: Softing AG