News | April 21, 1999

Tanisys Ships Broad Line of Rambus RIMM Modules For Revenue

Tanisys Technology (Austin, TX) a supplier of build-to-order (BTO) custom products for computer manufacturers, announced it has begun shipping Rambus RIMM modules for revenue and plans to provide one of the broadest lines of RIMM modules in the industry.

Rambus technology will enable the DRAM industry's highest level of performance to date -- 1.6 gigabytes per second of peak bandwidth from a single device - and will span multiple generations of DRAM devices (through 1-gigabit densities). Developed in conjunction with Intel Corp. and in cooperation with DRAM and other semiconductor partners, the Rambus interface achieves its performance through innovative electrical signaling and architecture.

Using its status as a Rambus partner to obtain engineering support directly from Rambus, Tanisys has developed a wide line of RIMM modules and plans to further expand it using both industry standard and custom designs. Tanisys today has the capability of shipping 22 separate RIMM modules ranging from 32MB to 288MB, plus continuity modules. The flexibility of the various modules, 64Mbit or 128Mbit RDRAM with either a 16-bit or 18-bit wide data bus, allow any number of devices to be put on the module enabling Tanisys to configure a RIMM module to customers' needs.

Tanisys Technology Inc. is a provider of customer-driven, computer products, as well as technical and logistical services to the electronics industry. Its outsourcing services include production order management and fulfillment. Tanisys products include memory modules and the DarkHorse memory testers (SIGMA·3, SIGMA·2, SYNC·LC and SIGMA·LC).