News | May 24, 1999

The Infrared Data Association Announces Appointment of New Executive Director

The Infrared Data Association (IrDA; Walnut Creek, CA) announced today that it named Lawrence Faulkner as the new executive director of the association. The position became available due to the untimely death of John LaRoche from cancer on March 30.

Faulkner served as manager of Connectivity Products at Genoa Technology from 1995 to 1998, and as a company member was associated with the IrDA for the past four years. Faulkner previously held the position of chair of IrDA's Test Committee and during this time he authored the Guidelines for Protocol Performance Testing which IrDA still uses today.

The IrDA is a non-profit corporation established in 1993 and headed by a board of directors with a membership of over 150 companies representing PC's, telecommunications hardware, software, components, and adapter markets. The association focuses on providing IR standards to ensure the quality and interoperability of the Infrared Technology.

For information, contact IrDA at 925-943-6546, Fax: 925/943-5600, email: Web site: