News | April 21, 1999

Three Test Labs Launch Strategic Alliance

Environment Associates and Nemko/USA will launch their new strategic alliance from Nemko/EESI's EMI/EMC test facility in San Diego and Environment's test facility in Chatsworth, CA. The Alliance, formed between Environment Associates and Nemko/EESI and Nemko/Compliance West will allow the three companies to offer an expanded testing service. Each company will combine its test expertise with the other sites.

Environment Associates will operate temperature and vibration capabilities out of Nemko/EESI, and similarly EESI will offer EMI/EMC testing from Environment Associates' facility. The Alliance also plans to offer environmental, EMI/EMC and product safety from an Orange County, California location, later this year.

Environment Associates, 9604 Variel Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Phone: 818-709-0568.