Company Profile | January 1, 1996

traffic generators, reflection analyzers, wave reflectometers, digital analyzers, fault locators, modulation meters

traffic generators, reflection analyzers, wave reflectometers, digital analyzers, fault locators, modulation meters IFR-A Global Leader in Advanced Wireless Test Systems

Free microwave reference guide - a must for all microwave engineers
We knew you'd appreciate it, and now you can have it free. IFR Systems, Inc. Microwave Datamate is a handy 59-page reference booklet packed with information for engineers working with microwave systems. Waveguide parameters, transmission line theory, power measurements, and scalar and vector analysis - it's all here! Just fill out the Storefront registration form, and indicate Microwave DatamateĀEin the comments area or send us an email at: Limit one per email address.

Find out more about intermodulation
There is no better signal source for intermodulation and receiver characterization than IFR Systems, Inc. 2026Q MultiSource Signal Generator. Learn more about the 2026Q and download a free application note on intermodulation distortion now. Click Here to Download Information on Intermodulation Distortion

Frequency conversion testing, IFR Systems, Inc. 6840 combines functions of a network analyzer, a spectrum analyzer & microwave synthesizer in a single box. Sign up for the free CD-ROM & Datamate reference guide.

Free download of EasySpan software for the 2398 spectrum analyzer
EasySpan software is the ultimate productivity tool. EasySpan allows easy data storage, display and manipulation. A unique GPS interface combines signal strength and GPS location data for highly precise network coverage analysis. Get it here:

Finally a battery tester you can rely on, from a company you can trust! The Kikusui PFX20W-12 is a cahrge-discharge tester for high-performance secondary batteries, including lithium ion batteries used in cellular telephones and portable PCs. IFR is the sole U.S. distributor for Kikusui products. Get a free data sheet and a full Kikusui product catalog today.

About IFR Systems, Inc.
IFR Systems, Inc. is a global leader in wireless test systems. We offer wireless communications, general test & measurement, avionics, microwave, telecommunications and ATE test solutions to customers around the world. In 1998, IFR Systems, Inc. purchased Marconi Instruments, Ltd. The combination is exciting new company with outstanding product lines. Call us and tell us what we can do for you.