News | May 7, 1999

Trio-Tech International Wins Orders for Burn-In Systems and Driver Boards Valued in Excess of $500,000

Trio-Tech International announced that it has won orders valued at more than $500,000 from a leading global manufacturer of personal computers, printers and semiconductors for burn-in systems and driver boards to be installed in the customer's facilities in Singapore. Shipments are expected to be completed by the end of June.

President and Chief Executive Officer S.W. Yong explained that the customer will use Trio-Tech's customized BISIC burn-in systems to test a new generation of opto-electronic components. The company launched the COBIS II burn-in system last June. It is a menu-driven burn-in system designed for new technology devices. It is capable of accommodating all types of burn-in boards for static and dynamic applications. The COBIS II series is available in a variety of configurations and offers computer control, monitoring, networking and data logging features.

Trio-Tech International designs and sells equipment and systems used in the manufacture and testing of semiconductors. The company also provides semiconductor testing services and is a value-added reseller of semiconductor testing equipment.

Trio-Tech International, Phone: Dale Cheesman, 818-365-9200