Vector Network Analyzers: MS4640B Series

Anritsu offers the ability make VNA measurements of devices under test (DUTs) stimulated with wideband modulated signals.  Utilizing the high speed IF digitizer option available in the VectorStar® series of VNAs, measurements can be made with up to 200 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth in the receiver. Universal Fixture Extraction (UFX) software option provides advanced de-embedding tools for test fixture extraction.

These VNAs feature a high available power of up to + 14 dBm, a superior dynamic range of up to 142 dB, an automatic calibration system to ensure accuracy, best in-class time domain analysis, and the ability to provide 4-port single-ended or balanced measurement analysis of differential devices, drivers, and components.

IMDView™ provides active menu sidebar with real time measurement display while modifying critical IMD parameters. The internal combiner option offers single connection testing of active devices for automatically switching between S parameter and IMD measurements without the need for reconnecting the DUT.

PulseView™, when combined with the innovative IF digitizing option, offers industry-leading 2.5 ns pulse resolution and 100 dB dynamic range with no compromises or trade-offs due to varying duty cycles. PulseView provides real time display of pulse measurements while dynamically modifying pulse parameters for immediate design validation.

DifferentialView™, when combined with the dual internal source option, offers real time display analysis of differential devices, drivers, and components while actively modifying phase and magnitude relationships of the internal dual sources.

The noise figure option is based on a cold source technique for improved noise figure measurement accuracy. VectorStar is the only VNA platform capable of measuring noise figure from 70 kHz to 125 GHz and available with an optimized noise receiver for measurements from 30 GHz to 125 GHz.

The MN4765B is a characterized, unamplified photodiode module that works with the MS4640B Series VectorStar VNA as an optical receiver to perform highly accurate and stable optoelectronic measurements of both modulators (E/O) and photoreceivers (O/E) up to 70 and 110 GHZ.  

For more information on how the MS4640B VNA series can provide you with high performance and broadband network analysis solutions, download the datasheet.