News | March 24, 2022

VeEX Introduces World's First Portable CATV Sweep Generator For DOCSIS 4.0 Extended Spectrum (Patent Pending)

VeEX Inc., a global leader in innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, introduced today the patent pending SWP-BOX, the world’s first portable Sweep transmitter and receiver, designed for DOCSIS 4.0 Extended Spectrum (ESD).

Preparation and testing of the RF plant are essential to ensure proper signal transmission, especially for the extended spectrum. Upgraded active and passive components, main line cable, and associated connectors need to be verified. Sweep, a tried-and-true test method, is used to achieve this.

SWP-BOX* is portable, rugged, watertight, and battery-operated unit that connects directly to the output source of a Node, Amplifier or R-PHY device. SWP-BOX consists of a high performance, 1.8 GHz transmitter and receiver that works in conjunction with the CX380C maintenance meter, together comprising a field broadband Sweep system.

The SWP-BOX features multiple key features to facilitate the roll-out of DOCSIS network expansion, including:

Real-time multi-frequency Sweep, enabling efficient testing at key segments of the Cable Plant

  • Full Sweep testing can be conducted in a matter of seconds. All Sweep results are stored in the CX380C test set and can be uploaded to the VeSion R-Server asset management system
  • Sweep test results are easily retrieved for reviewing key performance metrics, using easy to search parameters such as the Node ID
  • Saves significant OPEX compared to traditional headend-based Sweep systems
  • Supports Sweep for legacy < 1 GHz systems, 1.2 GHz DOCSIS 3.1 systems, 1.8 GHz ESD systems, and Return Path Sweep

“Truly field portable, SWP-BOX is a game-changer for addressing key test requirements for Extended Spectrum DOCSIS,” said Mike Collins, Product Manager CATV Solutions. “Field Sweep verification of previously unused and untested frequency ranges is critical to ensure smooth deployment. As cable operators embark on broadband service expansion via DOCSIS, SWP-BOX is available now to assist in these endeavors.”

*patent pending

Source: VeEX Inc.