News | November 4, 2009

Wireless Telecom Group Introduces Boonton 20-Watt PIM Test System

Source: Wireless Telecom Group
Wireless Telecom Group Introduces Boonton 20-Watt PIM Test System

Parsippany, NJ -- Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group Company, introduces its new PIM 31 precision analyzer for testing passive intermodulation of RF components and assemblies.

Passive intermodulation is an unwanted mixing effect that is caused by non-linearity of passive components in RF paths, generated when two or more signals are present. All passive components cause intermodulation products (PIM) to a certain degree, but best Rx and Tx performance is only achieved, if these PIM levels are at a very low level. The reason: Intermodulation diverts signal energy partially to other frequencies. These frequencies may fall into receive bands and will then cause serious degradation of system performance. The PIM 31 analyzer provides two signals, up to 25W each. IEC62037 standard for PIM testing recommends 2x20W but the additional power provided by PIM31 allows for compensating of RF-path attenuation; particularly important when measuring PIM levels of complete systems, like base stations. PIM 31's accuracy and high sensitivity of -175 dBc @ 2x43 dBm allow for applications ranging form performance evaluation of RF infrastructure to RF component testing.

"The design of our PIM 31 analyzer offers powerful features and excels with outstanding specs," says Wolfgang Damm, Ph.D, Marketing Director of WTG. "It is well suited for field applications, R&D and Quality lab, but also usable at the production floor. PIM 31 allows the detailed examination of components that are used in radio base stations, in-building-DAS installations and other systems transmitting radio frequencies. This advanced test system helps in locating PIM issues, hence increasing system's quality and maintaining its performance; and with that improving your bottom line."

Quality management requires recording of measurement results related to specific components or test sites. The PIM 31 offers that feature for all measured data; it even allows storing complete graphs. Such features allow users to review and analyze measurement data at a later point in time. Comparisons of measurement data recorded at different times allow indicating early signs of degradation, long before they impact the overall performance of the system.

PIM31 analyzers are available for many frequency bands. Txpower levels and Tx frequencies are variable and can be set and stored individually by the user. PIM 31 analyzers are available now.

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SOURCE: Wireless Telecom Group