Yagi Antenna and Antenna Kit

Source: Antenna Research Associates
Yagi Antenna and Antenna Kit

The ARA-243 is the smallest, sturdiest, and most lightweight, foldable Yagi antenna available for UHF SATCOM Operations. The ARA-243KITHC is a kit that features four quick disconnect options for deployment in different operations.

  • A folding pistol grip for easy deployment and stowing
  • A sturdy tripod
  • A magnet mount
  • A spike mount

The antenna and all mounts are durable enough to be used in a harsh field environment and can be deployed by an operator several thousand times. The dull black anodized finish protects the antenna from the effects of weathering and does not produce a glare. The ARA-243 collapses into a small space making it the ideal size to fit into a briefcase or attached to a rucksack.

A Pelican 1400 Waterproof Case is included with this kit. Additionally, an optional Gorillapod mini tripod is available with flexible joints and rubberized grips, enabling mounting to various surfaces.

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