Supplier News

  1. Giga-tronics Supplies High Power Test Signals For Checking A Facility's Electronic Security
    Giga-tronics announced recently that it is supplying equipment to provide high power test signals for checking a facility’s electronic security.
  2. Aeroflex Broadens Support For Low-Cost, High-Speed WLAN Manufacturing Test With New MIMO Capability
    Aeroflex recently introduced support for MIMO (multiple-input/multiple-output) testing capabilities for its PXI 3000 Series manufacturing test system with the introduction of its new PXI 3061 module, a multiport RF combiner.
  3. SP Industries Announces New Name
    SP Industries Inc. has announced that as of 1st February 2010 that it will adopt the new trading name - SP Scientific for its VirTis, Genevac, FTS Systems and Hotpack brands.
  4. Aeroflex Announces DC To 40 GHz Test Environment For High-Speed RF And Microwave Testing
    For high-performance, high-speed testing of RF and microwave devices, Aeroflex introduces the SMART^E 5300 general-purpose test environment. The DC to 40 GHz SMART^E 5300 is unique in its ability to test, monitor, and control any Device Under Test (DUT) within a single test environment.
  5. Aeroflex Spectrum Analyzers Add 8 GHz Tracking Generator Option
    Small, low cost, and lightweight, the Aeroflex 3250 Series spectrum analyzers now include an optional 8 GHz tracking generator. Ideal for any kind of bench or lab environment, the new 3250 Series tracking generator has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 8 GHz and a level range from 0 dB down to -20 dB.
  6. Dow-Key Waveguide Switches Weigh Less And Consume Less Power
    Dow-Key Microwave recently announced that its next generation of lightweight waveguide switches are more superior to previous designs in terms of weight, size, and current consumption.
  7. Willtek's Service Test System For 3G Mobile Phones Now Self-Contained
    Willtek Communications recently introduced the new 2261 Autotest Option for the 2201 ProLock. As part of the ProLock-based 3G test system for Service, the new option eliminates the need for an external PC to control the system. The Autotest Option is available now.
  8. Luna's OFDR Technology Addresses A Critical Problem For Avionic Networks
    An article appearing in the December issue of Defense Tech Briefs titled "Fiber Interferometry for Testing Military Avionics" was written by Brian Soller, Strategic Business Development, to highlight the advantages of Luna Innovations' technologies in short-run optical networks, such as those in avionic systems where environmental considerations are often much more demanding.
  9. Wireless Telecom Group Introduces Boonton 20-Watt PIM Test System
    Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group Company, introduces its new PIM 31 precision analyzer for testing passive intermodulation of RF components and assemblies...
  10. Refrigerated Cold Trap Provides Superior Corrosion Resistance
    The Titan® Trap from SP Industries Inc. is the first cold trap to incorporate a titanium helical coil design and Teflon coated stainless steel chamber, to provide maximum efficiency for vacuum trapping of corrosive vapours down to -100C.